Double Debut: Both Starred!

Do your patrons have a craving for historical mysteries? Great, because two fantastic debuts are heading their way.

The Holy Thief: In Soviet Russia, an investigator must scramble to find the murderer of an American girl. One wrong step means exile in Siberia.

"Ryan re-creates the toxic, terrorized atmosphere by plunging Korolev into a ghastly web where nothing is what it seems" --Library Journal (starred review)

The Sleepwalkers: When a Jewish detective must investigate a string of heinous crimes during the dawn of Nazi Germany, the hunter becomes the hunted.

"Grossman powerfully captures the atmosphere of Berlin on the verge of Nazi takeover, the elegance and cultural brilliance amid the decadence, and the sense of impending doom." --Library Journal (starred review)

Kudos to Talia for sending me a copy of "The Holy Thief". I expected a Martin Cruz Smith (Arkady Renko) knock-off but got a well-written mystery set in Stalinist Russia. In my prime I probably would have stayed up way late reading this one. The author really did his homework and has created a great character in Korolev.

The Anti-Librarian
September 10, 2010
4:00 pm

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